Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Client Testimonials

I feel so blessed to have wonderful clients. I know I have helped someone with something very special when they tell me how much their lives had taken on a new meaning. Here's a few recent comments. Much Love. M.

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If I have done a reading for you and you want others to know about your experience, please post a comment here on the blog, or send me a message and I will write you back. Thanks to everyone for their support and words of encouragement.

Love and Light!


  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to write and say I have known Matthew for several years now and had a few Tarot Readings. I have found Matt's assessments to be very helpful. In the time I have known him, Matt has been a warm friend and kind person. I pay a lot of attention to my vibes and they tell me he's real cool!!
    Dave, UK.

  2. Linda M Colon ( 26, 2010 at 9:06 PM

    I first met Matthew in October 2007. My fiancé and I were visiting Cassadaga for the first time and someone told us about a medium that also did spirit guide sketches. I went to Matthew that day. I have a lot of spirit guides and they were all trying to come through; but this one guide kept pushing everyone back. It took a while because they all wanted to come through; but, Matthew drew a portrait of a man he said was on my dad's side of the family. Not being very close to that side of the family, I only knew of my grandfather who passed over. However, this drawing looked nothing like I remembered him. When I left, I showed the drawing to my fiancé'. The first words out of his mouth were "that is your grandfather!" Still not believing it possible, I went home and took out my parents wedding album. Turns out my fiancé' was right. Matthew had drawn a younger version of my grandfather that I did not recognize. His drawing was so accurate that even the part in his hair and jaw line was accurate beyond belief. I told my dad and he told me that my grandfather always believed in the sixth sense. My grandfather also had a message for me, which I did not understand at the time. Over the course of time, it was apparent that he was warning me about my fiancé', that what I thought was true was not what it seemed. I have had many readings from Matthew since then, along with other spirit drawings, and Matthew is usually right on the money. He told me what was to come in my on and off relationship with my fiancé', friend, boyfriend, husband and whatever this man was to me at various times in the last three years. Although I believed in Matthew, I chose to follow my heart (I thought). So when we set a date, it was only logical that I wanted Matthew to marry us. We had a beautiful wedding in his meditation garden in Cassadaga, and an intimate dinner at the Main Street Grill, which Matthew also attended. This was November 8, 2008 (my beloved grandmother's birthday); and, since then, all of Matthew's predictions of the man I married, and will soon divorce, have come true. I am now going through s lot of emotional turmoil in my life, and Matthew has been there for me every step of the way. Being a Reiki Master and light worker, I find peace and tranquility just being in his presence. I was blessed the day I met Matthew. All things happen for a reason, and Matthew and I were destined to become friends. My advice to anyone who wants an intimate, beautiful wedding ceremony is to have Matthew officiate the marriage. I love you Matthew. You are my strength, my guide, my mentor; but, most of all, you are my friend. With Love and Light, Namaste', Linda