Tuesday, April 27, 2010

King of Clubs, The World, and the Four of Coins

Three cards are standing out to me today, they are the King of Clubs, The World, and the Four of Coins. Just because you maybe a female does not mean the King of Clubs is not for you, King of Clubs can be that you need to take charge of some things that you are working on. Be strong and Independent! The World card tells you to expand with your Ideas and think outside the box. Four of Coins deals with your Financial safety and looking how to plan for your future. So stand strong Independent and start building up your solid foundation for yourself, don't wait on someone else to do it for you!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Man Up!

This week's cards are: EMPEROR and SEVEN OF SWORDS.

This points to taking responsibility for yourself and your actions, and not be so distracted (and perhaps drained?) trying to help everyone else.  The energy associated with these cards is sending the message, "Do the right thing".  This will lead to power and inner strength.  But remember, you must simplify and focus!

Love and Light, M.